Instrumentation Systems

  • Instrumentation
  • Autopilots

With years of experience supporting the most high-performance single-handed racing machines on the planet, we know a thing or two about autopilots. Some users simply need an extra pair of hands to help on delivery while others rely on the autopilot to race the boat under extreme conditions for months on end. We have been involved in the development of high-performance autopilots, and so have considerable depth of knowledge in this area.

Onboard Computer Networking

As marine computer networking specialists, we have the ability to integrate the majority of your onboard electronic systems for maximum efficiency and optimal user experience. We design and implement bespoke systems that bring together performance monitoring, navigation, safety, communication, control, media and entertainment via your PC or wireless devices.

Marine Software and Electronic Charting

Choosing the best package for your particular needs can be a challenge. Osprey Technical have intimate, up to date, knowledge of the best charting and navigation packages on the market and offer expert advice to help you choose most appropriate navigation solution. We also provide support for installation, set up and getting the most from the software. We’ll even make your life easier by notifying you when chart updates become available for your particular system.

Marine Communications Systems

Wherever you are and whatever you are doing, you need to be able to communicate. We provide marketing leading solutions to ensure that you have voice and data connectivity wherever your vessel is at any time.

  • VHF Radio Systems
  • Satellite Communications Systems
  • Cellular Data 4G/3G
  • Onshore Wi-Fi connectivity

Recent advances in on-board satellite connections mean that true broadband quality data streaming is available wherever and whenever you need it.

Load Monitoring

Load monitoring is essential for peak performance, safety and design development. Real-time load data allows the skipper to maintain optimal sailing conditions without compromising vessel safety. Osprey Technical’s engineers have comprehensive experience of load monitoring solutions and how to integrate them with existing systems. We offer you a range of solutions from off the shelf packages to custom hardware, software and monitoring packages.

Power Management and Distribution

  • Batteries
  • Battery Management
  • Charging Systems
  • Power Distribution and Digital Switching

We have an in-depth understanding of the most efficient and reliable Lithium battery solutions available on today’s market. Thanks to our first-hand knowledge, our engineers can advise you on the most appropriate marine power solutions for your particular application.

We are also experts in advanced digital switching technology. These modern systems offer numerous benefits to the boat builder, boat owner and skipper including weight reduction, space saving, remote access and automated, logic driven processing.

Monitoring and Control

Working with designers and builders of superyachts and grand prix race yachts, we offer fully customised monitoring and control solutions. Osprey is a certified integrator of Naviop, Empirbus and CZone control and monitoring solutions, creating original and user friendly interfaces and scalable hardware and software. Highly flexible and reliable monitoring systems, suitable for vessels requiring Class compliance through to those seeking the ultimate in high tech and light weight control and monitoring of all on board parameters and technical instruments.



Osprey Technical are not tied to any particular manufacturers or systems, which means that we search the globe for the best systems that accurately meet your specifications.